I have started a few blogs over the past few years – some were good, others not. Currently I have a photoblog that I have been posting for almost 18 months and a blog I began six months ago on starting a small business. Every now and then I feel the urge to write something that really doesn’t fit in either category. So I decided to resurrect an old blog called Musings & Rantings. I am going to re-post my last posting from that blog in order to give you an idea of what I mean.

Random things about me

1. I miss my mother every day – if your mother is still with you, cherish every day you have with her.
2. I am a sports nut. I watch ESPN SportCenter every morning.
3. I used to be shy but I got over it.
4. I often take things too seriously but I’m getting better.
5. I love the sky in Florida – especially the clouds!
6. I knew by age 16 that I was not mother material but I LOVE being an aunt!
7. I love learning new things.
8. I have a bit of an artistic flair – I make beaded jewelry and take pretty good photos. I have my camera with me most of the time and have been known to snap a pic at a red light.
9. Sometimes I wonder what it is all about.
10. I’m good at starting projects but not so good at finishing them.

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