I could not believe it!

The week before my annual vacation is usually a difficult one for me – due to a federal grant deadline. A couple of years back I fell in the parking garage a couple of days before the start of my vacation so I was ready for Captiva! Here’s my story:

Yeah, I fell – again. When I don’t bring my rolling thingy to work I take the stairs in the parking garage to the basement. This particular morning when I exited the stairs to walk towards my building, my sandal hit a lip in the concrete and down I went. I tried to break my fall with my hands but no luck – everything went flying. I ripped a hole in the knee of my pants and broke my iPhone case – but not the phone. I knew that getting up was going to be a problem so I called a friend who works with me but she was running an errand for the boss. So I called the main desk of our office and asked for one of the young(er) people. She didn’t answer her phone so I sat for a couple of minutes then gathered up my stuff, got up and hobbled into work.

The receptionist called me as I was getting on the elevator so she met me at the door, got out her first-aid kit to patch me up. My pants were ruined but I wore them for the rest of the day – no choice! My knees were a mess – especially the right one. I have arthritis in my knees to begin with so this was just adding insult to injury!

When I went home that night my knee was hurting and I was sore all over. During the evening the smoke detector in the hall outside of my office decided to chirp. You know what I mean – the chirp that says “I” “need” “a” “new” “battery.” So, I went out to the garage, got the stepladder down off of the wall, carried it into the house, and set it up under the smoke detector. I went into the kitchen to get a new 9-volt battery and proceeded to climb the ladder. I removed the whodingie from the whatchamacallit and replaced the battery, reconnected everything, then tested it and started down the ladder and IT CHIRPED AT ME AGAIN!! Oh crap, I thought – or said – now what. I climbed back up the ladder and reopen the whatchamacallit again. Everything looked correct so I reconnected it and it immediately chirped at me. Now, after the day I had and my knee was throbbing, I got a bit frustrated and threw the whodingie on the floor. Since I was still on the ladder, it did not survive the fall. Oh darn. I was leaving in two days on vacation so I just left it.

After vacation I went to Lowes and bought a new smoke detector – oh joy! Since the ladder was where I left it I decided to go for it. I opened the package and saw that there was a connector that was compatible with the plug – good! So, I climbed the ladder and connected the new part to the remains of the old one and IT CHIRPED AT ME!!! I was in no mood to deal with so I left it.

Last weekend I decided to tackle it again so I climbed the ladder again, removed the old frame and put up the new one. No problem – phew! I got the whatchamacallit out and tried to connect it to the old plug and the three prongs in the plug had FALLEN OUT! OMG, I could not believe it! So I removed the new frame, threw everything in a bag and drove to Lowes. It was 9:30 am on Veteran’s Day and I was driving to Lowes!

I had no problem exchanging it for a new one and since I was out and about I did a little shopping. When I got home I opened the new package, scanned the directions again, gathered my stuff, and climbed the ladder AGAIN! Everything fit together perfectly – it was a miracle until I started down the ladder and it CHIRPED again! Right about now I was close to loosing it so when a friend called and suggested we go out to lunch I said yes immediately. I gathered my stuff and went outside to wait for her – ‘cause it was still chirping every few minutes and I could not handle it anymore. Know what? I could hear it from outside!

We had a nice lunch and when she dropped me off at home I noticed that my neighbor was outside of his house. So I put my stuff down on the driveway and walked over to his house before I even went into mine. After the usual pleasantries I told him that I had a problem and needed his help. So I told him my story and he said he would look at it and see if he could help. He checked the circuit breakers first and then climbed the ladder to look it over – and right on cue it CHIRPED again. He said everything looked fine and he didn’t know why it was still chirping. I mentioned the battery so he opened the battery door and took the battery out, turned it over and put it back in – the thing hasn’t chirped since.


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