My Word for 2014

This wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Picking one word to guide me through the year was a bit intimidating. I narrowed it down to “Courage.” Why? The main reason is that I have been living with fear for too long. I am not afraid for my life or my health or anything like that, I am afraid to try new things, to make changes, to do things that have any amount of risk associated with them. I want to create more, write more, and live more so that’s why I chose courage as my word.

I did choose a secondary word, too, and that word is “Growth.” I think it is a good partner to courage. This year I want to grow my small business and lay a path to sustain myself in retirement. I write about that in another blog called “On The Right Path.” Check it out if you are interested in learning about small business.

That’s it for now – let me know your word or words for the new year in the comments section below.

new year


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